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Sambhar, Rajasthan – Dronah Foundation

Sambhar, Rajasthan

Located off the Jaipur-Ajmer highway, the small town of Sambhar is recognized internationally for its salt lake, the Sambhar Lake, from which it derives its name. Sambhar has been described by historians as one of the most ancient sites in India finding mention in the Mahabharata. The town is home to historic sites and monuments belonging to different periods. Historical records reveal the town was founded by Raja Vasudev of the Chauhan dynasty in 551 AD. The Mughals ruled it from 1192 to 1708. In 1709, Sambhar was retrieved by the Rajputs till it came under Imperial Rule. Its fairs and festivals, nature and wilderness, arts, crafts and food are its other attractions. The town with the salt lake as its focus led to evolution of the settlement of Sambhar over time. The salt lake is itself a unique ecosystem and a habitat for a few migratory birds. Apart from temples, kunds and bazaars, you can find the historic rail used for salt extraction and the salt bridge to reach the salt pans. The town also houses a salt museum built by the British that displays salt samples from all over India. Heritage Walk To take a heritage walk exploring the historic settlement of Sambhar, contact: DRONAH Foundation Outreach Swati Phone: +91 8860193989 Email: Pooja Phone: + 91 98291 96477 Email: Yash Phone – +91 982858 5856 Email - You can download the Heritage Walk Route here.