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Dronah Foundation – Dronah Foundation, steering DRONAH’s charitable and not-for-profit activities in the field of built heritage, community and environment, was established on March 21, 2012.

Latest Activities

International Museum Day, 2018 – Coverage
Tourists Can Now Get Better Insight Into Astronomical Heritage In Jaipur
Hyper-connected Museums: Perspectives from India
Kriti Manch: Celebrating the City of crafts

Get Involved

DRONAH's strength lies in engaging our web visitors.
This an open invitation to be partners in all aspects of our functions:

Be our guide:

You have committed your involvement by choosing to visit us. We welcome you to join our struggle in conserving our Heritage. Explore our website and tell us what aspects in our focus areas need attention. Guide us to any issues that concern you and are in your vicinity and we can draw attention of other organisations or raise awareness of people in the area to safeguard the larger interests of our heritage.

Be our eyes:

Inform us about any ongoing works in your area that have an impact on built heritage, community, crafts or nature. While you walk or drive past in your daily routine, you have the advantage of being present on the spot. So with some extra effort, you can monitor the activity and keep an eye on daily basis. Thus such locally monitored progress can save situations and protect our environment.

Be our volunteers:

You have advance information on the happenings in your geographical area or of interest. You can send the information to us and we can let all our readers know about the events and conferences that are being planned. You can also join as volunteers in our ongoing projects. if you specifically want to get involved with any of our ongoing projects, you may download the volunteer form and fill in details as per your preferences."

Be our partners:

You are invited to join in the participatory research on our concerns, keeping in mind your interest and expertise. New projects and programmes can be jointly developed to suit the situation. It shall help to expand the network of willing citizens who become a Goodwill ambassador for the protection of natural and built environment.